What are the punishments of hunting without a license?



Before hunting anywhere you are required to have a license from the state you are in. By you having a license for hunting just shows that you agree with the laws and regulations wher you are wanting to hunt when, where, and the hours that you choose to be hunting. If you violate the requirements and you hunt with a license showing identification that you are allowed to hunt, the laws and regulations can extend to etreme criminal penalties. For any reason the hunter may even lose their license for up to a year or even up to about 5 years of not being able to hunt. You aren't even allowed to hunt fishes, on private lands without the ok of an land owner of that area you are wanting to hunt or the renter of that land. It all depend where and when you disobey the law thats how you will be punished. If you go over the limit and use a vehicle without permission and no certification or license for hunting you will be abondoned from ever hunting again.





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