Do hunters need dogs with them?



Most of the time if you aren't going to have another partner with you helping you out by your side you should have a dog with you as a protection or sence of smell to let you know where to go for other animals. However you should always have two gallons of water handy with you. Dogs as well as dogs need to rest. Especially if you are going to be hunting with a dog in the summer you need to always be under the shade and give them as well as you plenty of water and rest. Just like you of getting a heat stroke the dog is just in danger of getting a heat stroke as well. Hound dogs are the best hunting dogs out there right now. Including the Labs. They do need a lot of rest but when they are on their four legs up working their job is outstanding and they are commited to what they want to achieve for their partners they are hunting with. Their nose is very strong and sensitive as well.





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