Why do animals suffer?



The main reason why so many animals suffer is because the are scrifincing their lives for the sake of other animals around them. Just like how many people including Jesus Christ did, he sacrificed his life for the sake of other human beings out there around him. When humans are harming animals they dont realize not only they are harming the animal but they are harming themselves. Animals who disagree to let themswlves get close to a human being is because that animal either its a bird or any type of animal, has been through a lot of pain and suffering or the animal itself has grown up seeing around him animals getting tourchered by other people or animals around them all the time. Basicallu animals do suufer for the goodness of us and our sins. Animals having feelings as well and they go through a lot. We as people need to treat them better and n ot think as hunting them or killing them is a hobby. We are ruining many things and animals just for the fun for us.





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